The future is bright

We have come to that time when we celebrate the beginning of a new year and a new season – its all part of the cycle of life. For some the last year flew by swiftly, for some they wished it could have gone quicker. Regardless, our team would like to wish our readers throughout the region a very happy and prosperous New Year. As we wake up to 2012, the challenges of the previous year lingers even though the New Year comes with its own promises and challenges. Despite the economic downturn of previous years, the medical community in the Caribbean made commendable achievements in the area of medical research. With this in mind, we would like to congratulate the research teams and individuals who sometimes laboured in obscurity to bring about these commendable achievements. In particular, the teams at the University of West Indies, Mona and its sister campuses have made remarkable progress in recent times to keep abreast of their international counterparts. Their efforts should not be ignored nor forgotten. As we settle into 2012, it is no time to rest on our oars. It is no time to be discouraged either. Instead the bar need to be raised and despite every resistance to forge ahead. It is a time for national governments, various institutions, non-governmental organizations and pharmaceutical industry to contribute immensely to research and development. The medical profession has much to give to the region and the wider medical community. Therefore, available resources should not be a hindrance. This year yearns for co-operation, collaboration and strategic networking amongst medical colleagues in the research arena. In this year, there is need to stimulate academic and research activities in other locations in the region and to create awareness about research among recent graduates. It is time to ignore the naysayers and detractors. The future of research in the Caribbean region is bright, equipped with this determination and inspiration a lot will be achieved this year. Keep up the good work!

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