We all look forward to summer. Be it students who desperately need a break from school or parents who are glad to be off the usual routine of getting them ready for school. This summer somehow is special – simply special. The weather has been alternating between record intense heat and drought in one area and flooding on other parts of the world. The unstable economic situation in Europe is still giving the rest of the world palpitations. There has been nothing unpredictable happening in the celebrity world – separations, divorces, cheating, engagement and Riri’s desperate search for a man. The alacrity and speed of TomKat’s divorce settlement should be considered for inclusion in Guinness Book of Records. It’s all hushed for now but I believe we haven’t seen the end of it yet. We have endured the most negative presidential campaign in modern history. What an exciting summer it has turned out to be!

Somehow, it is actually getting more exciting. Swiftly moving from an exciting conclusion of Wimbledon championship, we ushered in the anticipation and expectation of a unique Olympic in London.  With 205 countries participating in an event that takes place every four years, the worlds eyes is turned toward the United Kingdom. It is in itself not without its own excitement – from inadequate security personnel and threatened strike to political gaffe by an aspiring presidential candidate. That was temporized by a lavish display of British style ingenuity during the opening celebration. It may not appeal to those who do not cherish history but the event captured the essence of what the United Kingdom is all about. What more excitement can we expect from a summer Olympic. The whole Caribbean region looks forward to this time when we are able to showcase our dominance in the world of athletics. Gone are the days when the world of sprint was in the ownership of the United States. Now Usain Bolt and his compatriots as well as other Caribbean islands have demonstrated to the whole world that this is our time. In anticipation we all look to cheering our representatives in the various events to victory. It is definite that the represented Caribbean states will surely bring back medals to the region.

Unfortunately the summer Olympic has overshadowed other important events in the region. The annual Emancipation celebration and the number of islands that are celebrating their 50th independence are getting submerged in the whole excitement. It is hoped that the organisers of these celebrations would be creative in making sure that we still celebrate in the region – be it Olympic medals or the joy of being independent.  This summer, everything we need to celebrate and get through the summer is all around us.

Seeing that we have reach an enviable position in the world of athletics, there is need to develop our training facilities in the region, develop more promising athletes and devote resources to the development of sports and exercise medicine.  These measures would ensure that we maintain the dominance in the sporting world for a very long time. With success comes responsibility and this time, we cannot afford to fail in this responsibility.

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