Anguillian Named “Physician of the Year”

The original article can be found in: The Anguillan

At the Shcneider Regional Medical Center Employees Christmas Ball held on Saturday, 15th December 2012, at Sugar Bay Resort & Spa, St Thomas, USVI, 6 employees were honored for outstanding achievements. Amongst them was Anguillian born Dr Reva A Richardson MD, who received what she described as an “electrifying” award of Physician of The Year 2012.

Dr Richardson whose specialty is Internal Medicine & Pediatrics, is a staff physician at Roy L Schneider Hospital and Chief Physician at Caricare Family Health Services. She has been practicing in St Thomas since 2004 and is a past President of the Roy Lester Schneider Hospital medical staff, and President of the Virgin Islands Medical Society.

In her acceptance speech, Dr. Richardson said: “Thank you for the great honor of being named the 2012 SRMC Physician of the Year. It is extremely gratifying to receive such an award.

“My journey as a physician began 18 years ago when I received my acceptance letter from Baylor College of Medicine. There are so many memories from then to now, and the highlights were often associated with elections, interviews and long speeches, but I promise tonight, however, I won’t be long.

“William Osler once said: ‘You are in this profession as a calling not as a business, as a calling which extracts from you, self-sacrifice, devotion, love, and tenderness to your fellow men.’

“As a primary care physician, I have been blessed to enjoy long-term relationships with our patients, our colleagues, and our staff. I have the unique opportunity to care for entire families, often spanning several generations. I believe we are called to give back and serve our communities, and I am grateful when I have the opportunity to do so. All of this happened because I had an amazing supportive team at work and home.

“I love to thank God, my husband Carl and our two sons Recarlo and Romani, for their support and love and for allowing me to serve as a full time doctor. My parents, Richard & Angela Hobson for their encouragement, my Aunt in law Althea who was the wonderful nanny for our kids as well as my family and friends.

“Thanks to the awesome nurses at Schneider Regional Medical Center who have been my right hand (though being disturbed in the middle of the night – at times can be annoying), my incredible co-physicians with whom I have shared the responsibility of care for my patients, the dependable staff at CariCare Family who kept the office running when I fulfill my duties at the hospital. Thanks to you all for being here today to celebrate this moment with us.

“In the words of Dr. James Rhatigan, of Wichita State University ‘We are not always privileged to know the consequences of our acts, but we must be attentive to the possibilities they present. Small wins can produce results that are electrifying and lifechanging.’

“This award and this time of looking back on my life as a physician has given me the chance to see some of the results of my acts. This award definitely qualifies as ‘electrifying.’ I am so thankful for your amazing support.”

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