Ministry of Health Cautions Public on Rising Cases of Hepatitis A

The original article can be found in: The Guardian

The Ministry of Health is investigating a cluster of fourteen suspected cases of Hepatitis A that have occurred over the last three weeks in the Trio Village, Stann Creek District. One such case has been confirmed by lab.
Hepatitis A is a food and waterborne disease with symptoms that may include yellowing of the eyes and skin, dark urine, light-colored stool along with mild fever, vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite among others. This self-limiting disease can also be contracted from close contact with infected individuals.

The Ministry advises the public to take necessary precautions (as listed below) to prevent contamination and spread of the virus:
•Wash hands properly using soap and clean water especially before preparing or serving food, after using the toilet and after changing diapers.
•Wash all vegetables, fruits and other raw food with clean water before eating it.
•Do not consume contaminated water or ice. Boil and treat all drinking water with chlorine.
•Disinfect contaminated dishes, toilets and common surfaces.

Since the start of the year, a few cases have been identified mainly in the rural communities of the Corozal, Cayo and Toledo Districts. We are aggressively conducting house-to-house health education and environmental cleanup campaigns to treat the cases in all the affected areas.

The Ministry of Health re-emphasizes the need to practice good hygiene and sanitary measures at all times. If you or someone you know suspects the presence of the disease, please visit the nearest health care facility in your community.

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