Thirty-one cases of chikungunya confirmed in Dominica

By Caribbean Medical News Staff

Chickungunya is on the rise again in Dominica.

According to the Ministry of Health in the republic, up to thirty-one (31) cases of the chikungunya virus were confirmed on the island.

Caused by the same mosquito that causes dengue fever. Chikungunya is an illness and is a viral disease.

Typical symptoms include joint pain, a sudden high fever, severe pain especially the wrists, nausea, headache, rash and muscle pain. The joint pain and associated stiffness are very common and can also be found in the ankles and knuckles.

Chief medical officer Dr David Johnson in a conference on Friday confirmed the 31 cases. CARPHA’s Dr. James Hospedales has said that people must eradicate breeding sites and Ministries must protect their countries from the disease which is spreading throughout the Caribbean.

The disease has been noted in mainly WoodFord Hill and Bath Estate officials have indicated.

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