Grenada confirms twelve more confirmed cases of chikungunya

By Caribbean Medical News Staff

Grenada health officials have reported that there are 12 more confirmed cases of chikungunya in that island. According to their Government Information Service (GIS), the announcement was made by Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Alister Antoine saying CARPHA had confirmed 12 new cases.

Chikungunya cases were confirmed in every parish with the exception of St Mark and St John, he told a meeting of technocrats. The parish of St George recorded a total of five cases, St Andrew three, and St Patrick and St David two cases each.

Antoine pleaded with residents to continue being vigilant by taking the necessary steps to reduce the spread of the infection. He said that wearing protective clothing including long sleeves and pants, using mosquito repellents and fans can help to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. However, he cautioned that absolute protection can only come from proper sanitation.

He urged parents of children under the age of 12 to seek medical assistance if their child or children display signs of chikungunya virus. The disease causes flu-like symptoms with debilitating joint pain and the elderly and children as well as those who are already ill are vulnerable. Thirty-two people have already died from complications arising out of the illness.

Antoine continued by advising adults who experience the symptoms to take two Panadol every four to six for at least five days and, if symptoms persist, to seek medical attention. The use of aspirin is still strongly discouraged since Dengue is caused by the same mosquito and in the initial stages the possibility of misdiagnosis is possible, however remote.

The signs and symptoms of chikungunya are headache, fever, severe joint pains, rash and sudden onset of fever. Presently there are a total of 21 confirmed cases of chikungunya virus in the state of Grenada.

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