St Lucia Ministry of Health steps up HIV/AIDS testing

By Caribbean Medical News Staff
Health Minister Alvina Reynold said that St Lucia will be stepping up its HIV/AIDS public education campaign with a view to getting more people to get tested for HIV/AIDS. She said that it is critical to know one’s HIV status in order to seek help in a timely manner if one is infected.

Acting Prime Minister Phillip J. Pierre took the opportunity to show that testing was easy and simple and nothing for which anyone should be ashamed and started the campaign by taking the test himself in his constituency.

The health minister reiterated that results remain confidential and advised the St. Lucian public should get tested regardless.

Tourism Minister Lorne Theophilus encouraged everyone who is sexually active to get tested. The minister was also tested alongside the acting PM.

Reports suggest that there has been an increase in the number of HIV cases in St. Lucia and the island recorded 10 deaths as a result of HIV in the last year. That said, the Ministry suggested that people are living longer with treatment.

Each year, St Lucia records between 50 and 60 infections with the majority who are infected being men.

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