Ebola cannot be transmitted through mail says WHO

It’s not anthrax and the likelihood of Ebola being transmitted by mail is not significant. This is according to the World Health Organization (WHO) which, while observing that regional bodies are taking all precautions, says that there is no significant risk to anyone if Ebola is transmitted via the mail.
According to WHO, a sick person, infected with Ebola would be too ill to be at work to contaminate the mail in the first place and thus even if there was some contamination, contraction of the disease would be extremely low.

“All the Ebola cases detected to date outside of the affected countries are clearly linked to direct exposure to symptomatic patients. This in itself, strongly suggest that the risk of transmission by mail is extremely low, if exists at all,” according to a release from Universal Postal Union’s International Bureau.

Licking stamps will not spread the disease either say the experts. Saliva dries quickly rendering the virus unable to survive given certain conditions. That said, postal workers in some territories are still wearing gloves when sorting mail.

“People mail all manner of items — even foodstuff that spoils in transit. Because we never know what’s in the mail, gloves became part of our general health and safety protocols some years ago. The nature of the mail being what it is and the rigours it goes through during transit, is simply not favourable for the Ebola virus’ survival and that is welcome news for us. Even though the Cayman Islands Postal Service receives a negligible amount of mail each year from African countries, we continue to do everything that health officials deem safe to ensure that our staff and the public are safe where the mail is concerned,” said Cayman Islands Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow.
(Caymans GIS)

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