Scores of Caribbean children hospitalized after Charlie Charlie Challenge

By Caribbean Medical News Staff
Described as “demonic”, “spooky”, “weird” among other things, the Charlie Charlie Challenge has left scores of children hospitalized around the Caribbean. According to numerous reports, pastors had to be summoned to schools, and at least one government in the Caribbean has launched an investigation into reports of bizarre behavioural traits which were exhibited by some of the students who participated in the Social Media challenge.
The Challenge, which is described as a simplified version of a Ouija board, has gone “viral” on social media where players have posted pictures and videos of themselves performing the challenge. It involves balancing pencils in a cross on a piece of paper with the words “yes” and “no” written on the paper, and summoning a visit from a demon by the name of Charlie, who then answers the players’ questions by moving the pencils in the direction of the words.
The Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies (PAWI) head Bishop Gerry Seale said “demonic activity has been manifested” at schools in Barbados as a result of children carrying out the challenge, as well as in other neighbouring islands.
“I spoke to a youth pastor in Guyana who has had to deal with 16 students so far needing deliverance from demonic activity as a result of this game,” said Bishop Seale.
The Ministry of Education in St. Lucia has outlawed the Challenge in all the schools across the island. This was as a result of alleged supernatural occurrences in some of the schools. Some students said they witnessed the levitation of desks and other objects.
Reports further highlighted, that students in some of the secondary schools were in shock, horror and fainted after witnessing the supernatural events and had to be immediately ferried off to nearby medical facilities.

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