St Lucia offers new services to tackle mental health issues

By Caribbean Medical News Staff
The Government of Saint Lucia has increased the availability of counseling, suicide and home help services says the Government.
In response to an increase in mental health issues, the Government of Saint Lucia has increased the availability of counseling and related services.
Bennet Charles, Life Skills Counselor under the National Initiative to Create Employment (NICE), detailed his role.
““I look at the holistic person. Off and on, I spend time with them and observe some of the issues that they’re going through; conduct one on one counseling sessions with them as well as group sessions; and sometimes go into the field, in the work environment and spend time with them; have conversations with them about some of the things they’re going through in their personal lives and how we could support them.”
Charles encouraged both public and private sector institutions to make available counseling services for employees.
Meanwhile, Senator Hon. Dr. James Fletcher said government will implement an Employee Assistance Program for public servants.
“We will be providing intake counselors in a very confidential environment, not in your normal public service office where we will be making a service available to our public officers who want to avail themselves of this Employee Assistance Program,” he said.
The government also offers other services such as a suicide hotline, a home help program and counseling services offered by the Department of Human Services in the Ministry of Health.

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