Jamaica – Health Mission benefits hundreds

By Caribbean Medical News Staff
Over two thousand St. James residents are profiting from health and outreach services which are being provided by the Montego Bay Vin Martin Memorial Health Mission. Manager of the yearly mission, Dr. Yvonne Smith, said that aid has been handed to five additional communities this year. These include: Maroon Town, Somerton, Green Pond, Barrett Town and Lottery.
The mission is located at the St. John Methodist Church Action Centre, where a number of services will be available over the period of four days. Some of the services being offered include: internal medicine, paediatrics, Pap smears, dental and optical checks.
Dr. Smith said that the health team has joined with the St. James Infirmary and will be treating the residents and providing the facility with wheelchairs, walkers, toiletries, clothing and money. She said that in addition to the team of medical/health professionals at the centre “we have outreach teams that will be going into areas outside of the city to assist those who might not be able to travel down into Montego Bay.”
Superintendent of Police in Charge of Area 1, Steve McGregor, lauded the Montego Bay/Atlanta Health initiative for the “tremendous show of love and committed service” to St. James over the years, noting that thousands of lives have been improved.
“I am happy to see that there are still people, who believe in committed service. We have people, who have been helping us here in Jamaica, many of whom are not Jamaicans … and for over 22 years, they have been giving committed service in this way,” he said.

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