World Heart Day raises money for new HSA ambulance

In celebration of World Heart Day, Cayman Heart Fund joined the World Heart Federation to promote cardiovascular education whilst raising CI$27,000 towards a new ambulance for the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA). The inaugural event took place in Camana Bay with plenty of family-friendly activities and educational booths. This year’s theme focused on families and children.

Simone Sheehan, HSA Dietician, spoke with families about heart healthy eating and also handed out nutrition facts and heart healthy recipes.
“We had key messages at his event targeted to children as many health problems in adulthood often stem from choices made during adolescence. Children should be encouraged to engage in physical activity and eat a healthy, balanced diet in hopes that these good habits instilled in childhood will continue into adulthood,” Ms Sheehan said.

Mr David Dinner, Chairman of Cayman Heart Fund said “Education and prevention are key to reducing the impact and incidence of heart disease in the Cayman Islands and those were our focus for this year’s World Heart Day.”

HSA extends its gratitude to both the public and the Cayman Heart Fund for their generous donations towards the new ambulance. To date, the total amount raised by the Cayman Heart Fund for the new ambulance is over CI$43,000.

“We support the provision for well-equipped and modern ambulances and look forward to reaching our goal over the next eight months and hope that the public will continue to support our fund raising efforts,” Mr Dinner said.

Cayman Islands Health Services Authority CEO, Ms Lizzette Yearwood, personally thanked Cayman Heart Fund, saying “We are grateful for the ongoing support offered by the Cayman Heart Fund and look forward to working together to reach the end goal. With the same vested interest, we can ensure the best possible medical care to all residents of the Cayman Islands.”

World Heart Day was created by the World Heart Federation in 2000 to inform those around the globe to encourage people to take action to protect their heart health. According to the Cayman Heart Fund, cardiovascular disease remains the most common health problem in the Cayman Islands. As cardiovascular disease continues to increase, demand on health services, particularly the ambulance service has intensified.

The HSA encourages the public to find out their risk for heart disease by using the free blood pressure machines at one of four convenient locations; Government Administrative Building, Cayman Islands Hospital General Practice Unit, Cayman Islands Hospital Atrium and Faith Hospital in Cayman Brac. (PR)

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