Guyana Government Could Give Green Light To Ganja For Personal Use

President David Granger is suggesting that there’s a possibility the private use of ganja could be allowed in Guyana in the near future, even though wider decriminalization of marijuana is not on the cards.

According to iNews Guyana, Granger made the suggestion on a local television programme, The Public Interest. It quoted the Head of State as saying that Cabinet is awaiting advice and recommendations from the Ministries of Public Health and Public Security on how to move ahead with the issue.

“I would say, even running the risk of talking out of school, that it is likely that the private use of marijuana would be given consideration in months to come,” he disclosed.

“Decriminalisation is something else and that is not on the cards presently, but there is a possibility that when the matter comes before us, we would want to have a good debate on whether a person should be sent to jail . . . for being in possession of such a small quantity of marijuana that it is clear it is for personal use and not for trafficking.”

A decision will not be taken, however, until the Cabinet completes its discussion and the matter goes to the National Assembly.

In January of this year, a Narcotics Drug and Psychotropic Substances (Control) (Amendment) Bill was to be tabled in the National Assembly, reducing the punishment for persons found with marijuana, not for the purpose of trafficking.

However, it never made it to Parliament.

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