KPH’s digital records capability gets big boost

THE Kingston Public Hospital’s (KPH)’s digital records capability will now be enhanced following yesterday’s donation of 10 desktop computers by telecommunications firm FLOW, through its foundation.

The computers, valued at $1 million, will allow administrative personnel to access and store more digital information efficiently in real time.

Minister of Health Dr Christopher Tufton yesterday lauded the telecommunications company for its continuous partnership with the ministry.

“On behalf of the hospital, the Ministry of Health, and public health generally, I will to express our appreciation. Clearly there is a long history of positive legacy between FLOW, the FLOW Foundation and public health, and in particular the KPH and Victoria Jubilee Hospital,” said Tufton.

The minister said the initiative will add value to the administration of public health at the facility, as he stressed the importance of the Kingston Public Hospital to national public health as well as the region.

“… If you want certain procedures done, this is where you have to come and in other cases you will need to be referred, even if other institutions provide a similar service, based on the level of service you require as a patient,” said the minister.

While noting that the KPH is known regionally and otherwise as the institution that excels in providing great trauma care, treatment and stabilisation, he said it is important to ensure that the 240-year-old facility is able to deliver despite the challenges.

In recent weeks the spate of violence in Kingston has placed a strain on the facility, forcing the institution to postpone elective surgeries.

From a government policy perspective, the minister said health care in Jamaica has to operate as a network.

“If part of the system goes down it affects other parts of the system. It is no different from the human body. Your arms and your legs carry out different functions but if one is incapacitated it affects the other, and as a consequence we have to look at the overall system and plan and strategise for the development of the system to address all the critical components that contribute to enhance public health service provision,” the minister said.

The minister pointed out that without the KPH the country would be in a dilemma so it is important for the health ministry to recognise its importance.

“I speak in general terms, but clearly the institution really is the people. The building is here, but it is the people who have delivered and they have done extremely well and I am extremely impressed, given my limited time as minister.

“I have been here and seen the efforts, performance, the achievements and the lives they have saved,” the minister said as he urged FLOW to continue partnering with the health sector.

— Racquel Porter (Jamaica Observer)

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