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Miami Cancer Institute at Baptist Health South Florida has expanded two of its signature cancer care departments, with the additions of psychosomatic psychiatrists Sylvia Fernandez, M.D., Geetha Nampiaparampil, M.D. and psychologist Regina Melchor, Psy.D to its Cancer Patient Support Center. […]

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Bajan back to do mosquito research

BARBADOS IS GETTING help with its mosquito problem through a more scientific approach. A Barbadian researcher, who has been pursuing his studies at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Perk Up, Men! Zika Virus Could Shrink Your Testicles And Make You Infertile

If you’re a male, the news about Zika’s possible effect on your sex life couldn’t be worse. Not only did male mice infected with the Zika virus have a

Guyana to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates with IDB support

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has approved an US$8 million loan for a program to help reduce maternal, perinatal and neonatal deaths in Guyana. This program seeks to

Mystery Zika Case Solved: Virus Spread By Physical Contact

The mystery Zika case in the US state of Utah has been solved, and the answer, as with so many revelations about Zika, is something never before seen

Some Prostate Cancer Treatments May Not Be Helping

It’s a diagnosis that many men dread, bringing with it fears of surgery and radiotherapy, possibly leading to life-changing complications. But a new study suggests that simply monitoring

Nine percent rise in new HIV infections in the Caribbean

“Complacency is largely responsible for the slippage in the AIDS response in the Caribbean,” said the United Nations secretary-general’s special envoy for HIV in the Caribbean, Dr Edward

Stress can cause cancer to spread six times faster, scientists say

New research has shown that stress can turn the body’s lymphatic system into a “super highway” for breast cancer cells, accelerating the spread of the disease. Experts have long

Regular curry consumption may help protect against dementia, scientists say

While the merits of Guyana vs Trinidad curry continue to be hotly debated, a new study has put an entirely new twist on the term “crazy about curry.” The

Heavy marijuana use in teens linked to early death, study finds

Men who were heavy marijuana smokers in their teenage years may not live as long as those who did not use the herb when they were young, a

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