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Study: Diet Drinks Triple Risk Of Stroke And Dementia

The consumption of just one can of a diet soft drink daily risks tripling the chance of suffering from a stroke or dementia, a new American study has found. Scientists from Boston University School of Medicine looked at data from […]

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Safe, High Quality Drugs Assured With Caribbean Regulatory System

The establishment of a Caribbean Regulatory System (CRS) will improve conditions for patients in the region to receive safe, efficacious, high quality drugs. Executive Director of the Caribbean Public

Promising Zika Vaccine Moves To Next Phase Of Human Trials

With projections putting the regional cost of the ongoing spread of the Zika virus at billions of dollars, the news that we are one step closer to a

Cuban scientists to present results of clinical trials of new drug

HAVANA, Cuba (ACN) -- Experts from different branches of medicine in Cuba were on Thursday due to present the latest results of the application of Hebervital, a product

Human Trials Of Revolutionary New Anti-Aging Drug To Begin This Year

NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia, Wednesday March 29, 2017 – Australian scientists have made a revolutionary breakthrough that comes close to the effects of the mythical fountain of youth. The

‘Bogus’ tuna prevented from entering local market

An attempt to infiltrate the local market with a fake brand of Tuna was recently thwarted by the Government Analyst-Food and Drug Department (GA-FDD). The body tasked with

Guyana: New GPC’s 2015 drug contract being investigated – Health Minister

An investigation has been launched into the billion-dollar drug contract that was awarded by the former regime to New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation (New GPC) just three days before

Study links Ibuprofen to heart problems

Taking ibuprofen to ease a headache may seem like no big deal, but Danish researchers caution against overdoing it. A study in the European Heart Journal suggests that

Doctors promoting medical ganja at Cayman seminar

CNS): Drs Dustin Sulak and Ethan Russo will be visiting the Cayman Islands next week to share their knowledge and experience about the benefits of medical ganja, what

Cuba to start clinical trials of drug against renal cancer

HAVANA, Cuba (ACN) -- A clinical trial with Heberferon, one of the leading lines of Cuban biotechnology, will begin this year in Cuba in about 300 patients with

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