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Stroke risks for Workaholics says research

A new study has revealed that millions of workers who put in lots of overtime hours may be at a much higher risk for stroke. Study author Mika Kivimaki, a professor of epidemiology at University College London said: “Working long […]

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Strengthening Incentives for a Sustainable Response to AIDS

Policy Recommendations •Experiment with impact-based agreements to align policy, funding, and actions to drive progress toward an AIDS transition, with attention to rights and gender issues. •Measure what

Global Health Forecasting

As more money is made available for the development and purchase of products that are needed to diagnose, prevent and treat leading causes of death and disability in

EDITORIAL: Are elders being denied care due to age?

Could this be possible? Is it really true what I heard at the end of a telephone call made to a regional hospital? After interviewing a family who was

Is extreme racism a mental illness?

The ungodly massacre of nine black worshippers at a church in Charleston, S.C., reignites the question: Is extreme racism a mental illness? The prime murder suspect, a young

Blood clots linked to air pollution

In 2013, air pollution was identified as a leading environmental cause of lung cancer and a major contributing factor in an array of other heart and lung diseases.

Elderly with dementia over-sedated and strapped to beds

The inquiry by the Care Quality Commission points out that nurses and care home staff often resort to such measures to prevent patients coming to harm through falls

Prudent Ways to Fight Childhood Obesity – tax sugary drinks

Pardon the cliché, but it happens to be particularly apt in this case: In trying to tame the nation’s obesity epidemic, an ounce of prevention is decidedly worth

Walking the Tightrope – Thoughts on Law and Medical Practice in Barbados

The Honourable John Boyce, Minister of Health; Professor Joseph Branday, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine; Dr Carlos Chase, President of the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners; Distinguished

Tax teens to cut smoking and raise tobacco sales age: Bakalar

A new study has found a simple way to significantly reduce teenage smoking: raise the tobacco sales age to 21. In 2005, Needham, Mass., did just that, while

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