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Lawyer suggests laws could force vaccination compliance

Michelle Thomas, attorney-at-law in Jamaica, is recommending that the government of Antigua and Barbuda, consider enacting laws to strengthen vaccination compliance. Thomas suggested on OBSERVER Radio yesterday that the twin island state should take a similar path as Jamaica where […]

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New Tropical Storm Forms Behind Hurricane Irma

FLORIDA, United States, Tuesday September 5, 2017 – Even as the Leeward Islands prepares for the impact of a dangerous Category 5 Hurricane Irma, the 10th tropical storm

Cabinet to discuss lifting Brazilian meat ban

The Ministry of Agriculture is expected to make recommendations to the Cabinet today about whether the ban on meat from Brazil should be lifted. Several countries including China and

Medical professionals look to MBS for glaucoma stats

Medical professionals have stated the need to forge a partnership with the Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS) in order to collect data on glaucoma in Antigua & Barbuda. Ophthalmologist and

US authorities probe Antiguan woman’s death

Two investigations are reportedly under way in Miami, Florida, into the death of 32-year old Antiguan Nikisha Lewis. They are being conducted by the Miami Dade Police and Spectrum

A&B: Health care providers offer advice on avoiding kidney disease

A local doctor and a registered nutritionist have sought to raise awareness about the harmful consequences of renal disease, and added that residents can stave off the disease

A&B: Gov’t loses to former MSJMC board chairman’s appeal

The government will have to pay the former chairman of the Board of the Mount St John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC), Milton Pringle, for terminating him without legal authority. Yesterday,


The condition of a rodent-infested building where most of the nation’s medical supplies are stored has placed the health of staff at risk and could very well compromise

Millions to boost Dialysis Unit

The Dialysis Unit of the MSJMC is expected to benefit from two injections totalling $4.5 million. In delivering the Throne Speech in Parliament yesterday, Governor General Sir Rodney Williams

Doctors warn abuse of antibiotics could cause resistant strains of disease

Three medical professionals have alerted physicians and farmers in Antigua & Barbuda of the need to regulate the use of anti-microbial drugs as part of a global effort

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