BAMP’s concerns about theatre closures

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The Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners is concerned about the closure of six main operating theatres which has led to the “wholesale cancellation of all operating lists”.

BAMP’s Public relations officer Dr Wayne Clarke in a Press release today said the problems were due to the malfunctioning of the air conditioning system.

“Of major concern is the closure of the six main operating theatres due to malfunctioning of the air-conditioning system, an ongoing and recurrent problem which has led to the wholesale cancellation of all operating lists. This has meant that urgent and emergency cases are being done in the two remaining functioning Obstetric theatres with resultant delays in surgeries placing patients at increased risk.

“BAMP is greatly concerned that this has persisted for over a week and notes that protracted closure of the operating theatres will result in patients waiting even longer for elective surgeries. We hope that management can get the matter resolved as a matter of urgency,” noted the statement.

Clarke also noted that three hours before BAMP’s emergency general meeting to discuss outstanding and current issues, they received a 23-page document from the hospital’s board.

He said they will examine and respond “with alacrity” to document, adding they would not take “the same ten months that the QEH board took to respond to our proposals.” (CM/PR)

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