WOW installed as part of $1.7M Health Information System

The original article can be found in: BVI News Online

Emergency Room and Outpatient Clinic patients can expect enhanced efficiency thanks to the introduction of Workstations on Wheels (WOW).

Installed yesterday by the Director of Information Technology and Infrastructure, Mr. Mikey Farara, WOWs are mobile workstations that offer quicker responses for patients’ care.

The mobile technology increases the amount of time clinicians and nursing staff can spend with patients, and improves the quality of care while adding to patient safety.

Previously, hospital staff had to make frequent trips between patients and the fixed workstations for charting purposes.

The WOW presence at the hospital significantly increases efficiency, as it is constantly accessible by the user, and can move into different areas of the hospital.

In acclimatizing herself with one of the WOWs, Nurse Manager for the Emergency Room, Mrs. Angela Williams expressed delight to Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Darlene Carty Baptiste and said, “The WOWs will make our job easier and help us to serve our patients faster.

“Documentation is very important and previously, there were only two computers from which the doctors and nurses worked from.

“Now we can document in ‘real time’ and improve our delivery of service to our patients.”

The hospital currently has 5 WOWs, 3 in the Emergency Room and 2 in the Outpatient/Specialty Clinic, which is part of Phase II of the implementation of the Health Information System (HIS) which was launched on January 7, 2013 with a total investment of 1.7 million dollars.

As the Authority continues to work towards “Excellence”, its aim is to improve the quality care offered and ensure greater efficiency throughout the organization.

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