UAE donation adds to ambulance stock

The original article can be found in: Antigua Observer By Tameika Malone

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Antigua & Barbuda is the recipient of 13 mini ambulances donated by the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The three-wheel moped-style vehicles were offloaded from a 40-foot container yesterday at the old Holberton Hospital compound.

OBSERVER media understands that the mini ambulances will complement the aging ambulance fleet.

“They were not designed to replace an ambulance. The whole idea is to utilise them in scenarios where you cannot get the larger ambulance into crowded areas, so that the patient can receive initial care before they can be transported to hospital via the ambulance,” a source said.

Each mini ambulance, which runs on three wheels, can hold a patient and two medics. The vehicles will also have basic medical equipment.

Set on a chassis towed by a 250 cc engine, the mini ambulance is built for emergency situations.

“God forbid there is a shooting or chopping where the patient is bleeding badly, for instance during a Carnival, Sailing Week or an event held at the stadium, then the bikes will be ideal to navigate large gatherings without putting patients in jeopardy due to delayed first aid because the emergency personnel can’t get the larger ambulances to the injured person,” the source added.

Of the 13 moped ambulances delivered, only one is fully assembled. Local technicians must assemble the others in time for the official handing over, scheduled for a few weeks from now.

Grenada received a similar donation of 10 mini ambulances, which were commissioned last week.

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