Glendon Hospital to receive cardiac monitor from USA Stratians for Strat

The original article can be found in: The Montserrat Reporter

A ZJB news report states that a cardiac monitor and other accessories for the Glendon Hospital have been purchased and shipped to Montserrat. This follows a report when Iris Lake Ryan an RN in the USA, made a pledge through social media request pledging to raise US$6,000.00 to purchase a Cardiac AED defibrillator for the hospital in Montserrat.

Through the fundraising campaign conducted by Stratians for Strat in September which spanned only an 11 day period, they raised a total of US$6,893.06, enabling the purchase of the Cardiac Monitor and auxiliary equipment at a cost US$3,780.11.

According to the ZJB report, Over the coming weeks additional purchases of required items for the Glendon Hospital will be made utilizing the remaining funds, which stood at US$3,112.95.

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