More BVIslanders should become surgeons – Premier

The original article can be found in: BVI News Online

Premier Dr. Orlando Smith said he is disappointed that, despite the many doctors who have been returning home to take up positions at Peebles Hospital, there are no surgeons among the groups.

A medical surgeon by training, the Premier bemoaned the fact that, since he left the medical field several years ago to enter representational politics, no other local surgeon has emerged.

“As I am a surgeon and naturally prejudiced to surgery, and in medicine and in particularly in surgery, I am disappointed that no BVIslander surgeon has emerged since I left and entered the field of politics,” he said.

Premier Smith, who was speaking during the handing-over ceremony for the New Peebles Hospital, however stated that he is hopeful more BVIslanders will become surgeons.

He underscored the importance of having proper healthcare in the BVI, and having suitably trained staff at the new facility to be opened to the public in the coming months.

Also, Premier Smith touched on the issue of providing training opportunities for persons in the medical field.

He said he is aware of the many persons who have received training in the past and are working at Peebles Hospital to make their contributions.

Premier Smith agrees that serving the health sector can be demanding for nurses, doctors and hospital workers.

He however stated that “the rewards and satisfaction from helping someone to renewed health cannot be over-stated”, adding that the benefit of doing so “far out-weights the trials and irritations of the work”.

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