St. Lucia opposition wants sudden deaths investigated

By Caribbean Medical News Staff

Sudden deaths at St. Jude’s Hospital in St. Lucia have sparked outrage and a demand for an investigation by the Opposition United Workers Party there. Last week the St. Jude’s Hospital confirmed that it was conducting an investigation into the death of Samantha Atkins, 41, a few hours after giving birth to twins.

The UWP said Health Minister, Alvina Reynolds, “must account for serious gaps in the Public Health System which may be resulting in deaths of patients”, according to a recent statement.

The Women’s Arm President of the UWP, Petra Jeffrey-Nelson is reported to have said that “several critical pieces of equipment have malfunctioned or are not functioning, which has resulted in casualties and other major health complications at the islands main health institutions”.

According to Jeffrey-Nelson, “There are serious concerns regarding the technical competence of some surgeons. We understand that in recent times a number of patients, specifically women, have succumbed to or suffered severe health complications during or after surgery,” she said.

“There are major concerns with regards to health and safety, medical procedures and technical competence of some surgeons and other medical personnel, “the UWP statement concluded.

“We wish to remind Minister Reynolds that she is the custodian of the institutions which delivers health care services to the citizens of St. Lucia. The UWP requests that a thorough investigation be carried out in the latest incidents and the results made public,” said Jeffrey-Nelson.

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