Chikungunya shows up in Michigan, USA

By Caribbean Medical News Staff

According to reports coming out of Detroit, Michigan authorities claim that they have confirmed two cases in that state when two residents became infected after traveling to the Caribbean.

Michigan authorities say that two state residents became infected with a new mosquito-borne virus while traveling in the Caribbean.

The Detroit News reported that the Michigan Department of Community Health says the people contracted chikungunya (chik-in-GUHN’-yuh).

The mosquito-borne disease has spread throughout the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Indian and Pacific Ocean regions. It first reappeared in the region last year and has been spreading quickly ever since. CARPHA has responded with a symposium and public education awareness plans and other responses to the region-wide infection.

Indeed, St. Lucia is now saying that it is trying to contain the virus which appears to “running out of control” according to health authorities there.

The virus causes severe headache, high and sudden fever as well as joint pain, particularly in the wrists and feet and generally is not considered life-threatening.

The department says the travelers were from Midland and Wexford counties.

Henry Ford Hospital infectious diseases chief Dr. Marcus Zervos told the Detroit News that those who became infected started showing “flu-like symptoms” but also presented with a rash.

It is documented that the fever, rash and other symptoms show up by day three and may be gone by day ten but joint pain may continue for up to two years.


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