Forestry Department issues wildlife caution

The Department of Forestry advises increased vigilance in areas that are known habitats for snakes and other wildlife after a Fer-de-Lance was found among a bunch of produce at the Castries Market.
The Department of Forestry and Land Resources in the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology wishes to confirm that a Fer-de-Lance snake was found in a bunch of plantains on the morning of Monday, July 20, at the Castries Market.
The plantains originated from the Ravine Poisson/Bexon area.
Historical records indicate that Fer-de-Lance snakes are known to the area, as well as other parts of the island.
The snake was successfully taken into the custody of the Forestry Department. There were no reported mishaps associated with the incident.
The Department of Forestry wishes to appeal to farmers and people living in areas that are known habitats for the Fer-de-Lance to be more vigilant when harvesting, loading and transporting goods from these areas. This advice also applies to moving construction materials, containers, equipment and other items which may harbor wild animals.
A number of invasive species can be inadvertently transported in this way.
Such precaution is necessary in order to avoid the introduction of wildlife species into public places, homes as well as into new and unfamiliar habitats. Moreover, it is important to be vigilant for the general health and safety of people frequenting regions which are known snake habitats.
The Department of Forestry in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Saint Lucia National Trust and other stakeholder agencies recently developed a plan for managing the Fer-de-Lance on the island. This plan also developed clear guidelines for managing human and snake conflicts, including encounters in public places, avoiding snakebites, and the appropriate actions to take if bitten. The plan details these and other measures necessary to help our citizens and visitors coexist with the Fer-de-Lance. The plan will be unveiled shortly.
The Department wishes to thank the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and the civilian who helped contain the snake and subsequently hand it over to a Forestry Officer. We wish to take this opportunity to advise all citizens and visitors alike, that they should not attempt to kill, capture or approach any snake. All persons are advised to contact the Forestry Department in the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy Science and Technology whenever they encounter any wildlife outside of its natural habitat. The Forestry Department may be contacted at 758.468.5636. (SVG GIS)

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