Global report shows no decline in obesity rates in Antigua & Barbuda

The 2016 edition of the Global Nutrition Report shows that the staggering rate of 30.9 per cent for adult obesity in Antigua & Barbuda has not improved since 2014 when the Global Nutrition Report quoted the same figure.

The 2015 report, titled ‘Actions and Accountability to Advance Nutrition & Sustainable Development’ stated that the rate of adult obesity in 2010 was 28 per cent and by 2014 it had increased to 30.9 per cent.

This year, the 2016 report titled ‘From Promise to Impact; Ending Malnutrition by 2030’ noted no change in the figure, adding that while 30 per cent of the adult population was considered “obese,” approximately 61 per cent were “overweight.”

That rate of overweight people places Antigua & Barbuda at a rank of 152nd in the world based on lowest prevalence to the highest, while in the category of adult obesity, the country ranks 168th.

Forty-four per cent of countries were experiencing “very serious levels” of both under-nutrition and obesity, according to the report.

The document also presented information on several other national health indicators. It stated that 24.9 per cent – almost a quarter – of all women of reproductive age are anemic, placing the country at a rank of 88th globally from lowest prevalence to highest.

Besides the anemia in reproductive women, it was noted that there is a 13.7 per cent prevalence of diabetes placing the country at a rank of 156th.

The report, of which the World Health Organization (WHO) is a stakeholder, assessed and presented rankings for 185 countries. (The Daily Herald)

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