Canadian tourists thank Health City Cayman Islands

A Canadian couple have become the latest proponents of destination healthcare in the Cayman Islands after their positive experience at the tertiary care hospital, Health City Cayman Islands.
Lois and Larry Keenan, from North Bay, Ontario, were visiting Grand Cayman on vacation when Mrs. Keenan fell and sustained a painful injury to her arm.
The doctors and hospital staff at Health City Cayman Islands quickly diagnosed the severity of the injury and discussed the options with Lois: to undergo surgery at the Joint Commission International (JCI)-accredited facility, or to return to Canada for the operation, where she would be in familiar surroundings and accompanied by family.
Dr. Niranjan Nagaraja, Senior Orthopedic Surgeon at Health City, reviewed the initial x-ray and discussed the factors to consider: “I told her that by flying home there would be chances of complications – maybe some clots in the veins, which can dislodge and can cause problems, and obviously the pain.”
The Keenans credit the way they were treated by Health City staff, including Dr. Nagaraja, with their decision to stay in the Cayman Islands: “He took the time and explained everything. I had a visit with physiotherapy and the nurses were fantastic,” said Mrs. Keenan.

The couple discovered that their son was familiar with Health City Cayman Islands. “I have a son (a former professional athlete who works in the healthcare industry) that lives in Canada and he knew about this hospital,” said Lois. Coincidentally, he is in the process of exploring options for a novel hip surgery – for a Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI) – offered at Health City.
On further study, doctors found that the three-part fracture was more serious than originally thought. A pre-surgery CT scan revealed that Lois’ arm was in fact shattered in five places and she underwent surgery the following day by the expert team at Health City.
She recalled: “The service was superb. I was attended to immediately, and we made the decision to have the surgery on Monday with Dr. Nagaraja. He was fantastic.”
After her experience, Lois has no doubts about the option of destination healthcare at Health City Cayman Islands: “I will definitely spread the word.”
Mr. Keenan was impressed by the friendly staff and attentive service. “You walk the hospital in a strange country, and everybody says ‘Good morning’ and ‘Good afternoon’ and all that. They’re very friendly here and they bend over backwards for you, so I would recommend it. If people ask me about the health system here, I would say ‘I wouldn’t worry about it if I got hurt’ because I know I would have good help,” he said.
Since opening in April, Health City’s Canadian office has received inquiries mostly from patients on waiting lists for various orthopedic procedures. Focused on providing continuity of care for Canadian patients who do not want to wait, Health City Cayman Islands offers a high quality, affordable option. Visit for more information.

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