Doctors promoting medical ganja at Cayman seminar

CNS): Drs Dustin Sulak and Ethan Russo will be visiting the Cayman Islands next week to share their knowledge and experience about the benefits of medical ganja, what it can do and why it works. Following Cayman’s recent move to legalise the use of cannabis oils and tinctures when prescribed by doctors for various medical problems, the two experts in medical marijuana have organised a free seminar at the Lions Centre that is open to the public next Wednesday.

Dr Sulak has treated over 18,000 patients with medical cannabis. He sits on the board of directors of the Society of Medical Cannabis Clinicians and is described as a pioneer in this emerging field of treatment.

Dr Ethan Russo has focused his work on the human endocannabinoid system and the scientific understanding of how it regulates physiological functions, including immunity, pain, inflammation, mood, emotion, learning, memory, metabolism, appetite, weight, sleep, embryo development, neuroprotection and stress responses. Both doctors are considered experts in the field of medical cannabis and they will be discussing the use of ganja in neurological and neurosurgical diseases, therapeutic options, oncology, and palliative care.

The Cayman government has paved the way for the use of medical cannabis but there are a number of challenges for those who wish to take advantage of what many see as bordering on a miracle cure for many health challenges.

For more details visit the seminar website

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