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Human Trials Of Revolutionary New Anti-Aging Drug To Begin This Year

NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia, Wednesday March 29, 2017 – Australian scientists have made a revolutionary breakthrough that comes close to the effects of the mythical fountain of youth. The researchers, from the University of New South Wales, developed a “miracle” […]

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Mexico commits US$5 million to construct hospital in Dominica

The government of Mexico has informed the government of Dominica that it is committing US$5 million (EC$13.5 million) for the construction of the Marigot Hospital. Dominica's Prime Minister

US authorities probe Antiguan woman’s death

Two investigations are reportedly under way in Miami, Florida, into the death of 32-year old Antiguan Nikisha Lewis. They are being conducted by the Miami Dade Police and Spectrum

Cuba to start clinical trials of drug against renal cancer

HAVANA, Cuba (ACN) -- A clinical trial with Heberferon, one of the leading lines of Cuban biotechnology, will begin this year in Cuba in about 300 patients with

Physician Nominated to Be Haiti’s Next Prime Minister

A man not known in political circles has been chosen by Haitian President Jovenel Moïse to be the country’s new Prime Minister. Moïse said he and the heads of

Flu Vaccine Protects About Half the Time, CDC Says

The current flu vaccine is about so-so — it protects about half of people from infection, health officials said Thursday. That's not as good as last year's formula. but

World Boxing Champ Teams Up With Caribbean Hospital And Charity To Provide Free Cardiac Care For Children

World Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao from the Philippines is partnering with a leading Caribbean hospital and charity to bring free cardiac care to children from his homeland. Pacquiao, who

Jamaican scientists close to creating affordable hepatitis C drug from ganja

Research scientists, led by Dr Henry Lowe, say they have discovered properties in Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the major bioactive compounds in the cannabis (ganja) plant, that have


MIAMI, FL – February 08, 2017 — Murugesan Manoharan, M.D., has joined the team of renowned cancer care experts with Miami Cancer Institute at Baptist Health South

Scientists Discover How to Make Teeth Repair Themselves

A new discovery out of England comes as a big relief to those of us who hate injections and the high whine of a drill in our mouths

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