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Dr Trevor Layne: A Grenadian trailblazer

Dr Trevor Layne a trailblazer who is changing the world with medical breakthrough and social change. He has dedicated his life to the war on cancer. The Grenadian-born oncologist and hematologist has performed well over 20 bone marrow transplants with […]

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WHO prioritize 12 treatment-resistant bacteria for drug development

The World Health Organization have published a global priority list of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to guide the research and development of new and effective antibiotics. The list comprises 12


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The Turks and Caicos national health insurance scandal

As a part of the preamble to the 800-page contract between Interhealth Canada Construction & Services (TCI) Limited and the now defunct Johnston International Limited: “The Crown (in right

Perk Up, Men! Zika Virus Could Shrink Your Testicles And Make You Infertile

If you’re a male, the news about Zika’s possible effect on your sex life couldn’t be worse. Not only did male mice infected with the Zika virus have a

Dr George Laquis: Some cancers don’t need treatment

Many women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and made to undergo surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy do not need treatment at all. In such cases, they can actually

School feeding programmes could help fight NCDs in CARICOM

GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands -- A food and nutrition official has identified the school feeding programme as a means of combating unhealthy eating habits in the Caribbean Community

MRSA: The life threatening infection that you need to know about

Antibiotics misuse has led to a worldwide outbreak of MRSA. It is an infection that is resistant to conventional antibiotics treatment and is beginning to creep up in

Forte opens stroke injury and wellness rehab Centre in Barbados

He is young, enthusiastic and is seeing clients whose conditions are being reversed with nutrition, a change in lifestyle with a combination of physiotherapy and exercise therapy.

Smoking cannabis can produce disease-causing mutations, experts warn

A new Australian study has shown that smoking marijuana can alter a person’s DNA, causing mutations that expose the user to serious illnesses. Scientists warn that the heightened risk

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