Benefits of new medical centre immeasurable

The original article can be found in: Barbados Advocate

THE benefits to be derived from the opening of the new Wound Management Centre are immeasurable.

This is the word of Minister of Health, Donville Inniss, who addressed the official opening of the Centre yesterday at its future home at the Villages at Coverley. Inniss made the point that this Wound Management Centre not only has the potential to cut the cost of health care, but also to improve the quality of life of many by making amputation avoidable.

“As we work together in the public and private sector to prevent ulceration in vulnerable feet and to heal those ulcers which are already manifest, maybe not in the short-term, but in the long run, the cost to Government of the care of the diabetic foot and for the feet with peripheral vascular disease and the legs with venous ulcers can be reduced. The benefits to the country of improved quality of life experienced by those who will no longer suffer amputation is immeasurable,” he said.

The Health Minister further made a commitment to support other worthy endeavours of civil society groups and the private sector that seek to continue to improve health care in this country. He added that this improvement in health care will be best carried out by partnerships between the public and private sectors.

“It is my considered opinion that the growth and development of health services in Barbados will be achieved by increased partnerships between the public and private sectors. There must be a more co-operative spirit between the public and private health care systems as well as civil society in the delivery of health care,” Inniss stressed. (AN)

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