Stout defence of mandatory vaccinations

The original article can be found in: Antigua Observer

ST JOHN’S, Antigua- Dr Radcliffe Robins has come out strongly in support of the idea of vaccination following an on air assault on the practice.

The topic is timely as school administrators are required to ensure inoculation records are updated before admitting new students.

A parent suggested that vaccines present more harm than good and contain questionable ingredients such as the chemical formaldehyde, which is famous for its use as a preserver of dead tissue.

Dr Robbins’ response to the criticism was… ignore the treatment at your own risk:



The doctor, however, agrees that there are risks associated with the practise, such as unwanted reaction to antibodies made using horses or pigs. He says, though, that attempts continue to minimize those risks.



Dr Radcliffe Robins….    dell

For details of audio interview please visit the original article in: Antigua Observer

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