Last week, an event took place at Princess Margaret Hospital, Nassau which might not have made the headlines in major news media.  Not that it is expected to judging by the size of the island on international scale, but it is an event that deserves mentioning regionally and one that should be celebrated.  Dr Magnus Ekedede, the neurosurgical lead at Princess Margaret Hospital and his team carried out a historic procedure whereby conjoined twins were separated.  The seven hour long operation was the first of its kind to be carried out in the Bahamas. The team consisted of experienced and qualified doctors, most of them locally based. Beside the joy and excitement of the success of the surgery, the effort itself is worthy of mention and commendation. It has been the opinion of many that technically challenging surgical procedures are only possible abroad. While this may be so, the location itself is not the determining factor. Having the proper equipment and the specialists with skills to use them is very important. The Caribbean region has what it takes to carry out these procedures if given the proper environment and the tools to carry them out. Specialised procedures like the one carried out in Nassau should serve as an inspiration for other specialists within the region that we can surpass people’s expectations. We have excellent clinicians and specialists that could stand shoulder to shoulder with their peers internationally. What we lack sometimes is the encouragement to urge them to attain their fullest potential. If we’re going to continue on this path to clinical excellence, there has to be a change in mind-set. It is high time our medical scholars rise above the voices that are attempting to drown their efforts and reach for the stars. It is appropriate to extend a well-deserved congratulation to the hard working surgical team who carried out this historic procedure. You have lifted our spirits. You have done us proud and we share in your success. Keep up the good work!

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