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Jamaica’s medical tourism is facing another boost . While controversial in some quarters due to negative public relations, Dr. Janice Simmonds-Fisher, operator at BIO-Regeneration Integrated Medical Centre  at her Casa Casam Villa and Retreat Center in Montego Bay, Jamaica says that stem cell therapy is the best tool available right now to treat a wide range of diseases including diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, spinal cord injury, heart disease and other issues.

“To hear the stories from patients who have benefited from stem cell therapy is really encouraging. It gives me the motivation to encourage my colleagues to explore the applications in their respective fields. It is very heart-warming and humbling to be a part of some of these everyday miracles,” she said.

Patients fly in from as far away as the United States for treatment and Simmonds-Fisher sees this as a major medical tourism boost. To date,  the Centre has completed over 80 successful cases, many of which were referrals from a medical facility in Florida. Simmonds-Fisher introduced stem cell therapy to Jamaica a year ago and according to reports indicated that it was through her anti-aging industry experience that she got involved in stem cell therapy. Simmonds-Fisher is a medical doctor of some ten years’ experience. She also practices intravenous nutritional therapy at her Montego –based clinic.

“Stem cell research got a lot of bad press because everyone thought the cells came from embryos. In theory, there’s no disease that is exempt from a possible treatment that comes out of stem cell research. There is the potential to make breakthroughs in any disease and this is what excites me about the research. It is inevitable for medicine. This is our immediate future, “she said.

“Stem cell treatment is such a big area of research, every major university in the world has invested heavily in it. It is hoped that one day it will get to the point where stem cells can be used to actually make new organs in the body. In fact, one of the big areas for it now is actually in heart repair,” added Simmonds-Fisher.

She insisted that stem cell therapy is going to open new avenues, “new leases on life for a lot of people”.

According to Simmonds-Fisher the cells used in her stem cell practice come directly from the patients themselves and are further harvested from their adipose tissue or from mobilized peripheral blood. Her company has also assisted in FDA (Food and Drug Administration) clinical trials and according to her “the word is spreading”.

“I fully expect that we should be able to establish ourselves in Jamaica and around the world training local Jamaican physicians and spreading our wings. I have always been about expanding lifestyle and wellness and much prefer preventative than responsive medicine. If we can prevent it, I prefer this rather than responding to chronic illness management”, she said.

Dr. Janice Fisher is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and has international experience in the US, Europe, and Latin America. She was educated at the University of West Indies, Mona campus and is a licensed medical doctor in Jamaica. Dr. Fisher provides treatments to many patients from around the world and from many different states in the United States as well. Her patients trust her ability to treat their complex medical conditions with stem cell treatments.  She has received a Merit of Special Service for missionary work and Order of Excellence from the World Association of Natural Medicine Practitioners.

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