Dominica council on aging looking for tech-savvy elders

By Caribbean Medical News Staff
The Dominica Council on Ageing is seeking to use technology for the benefit of older persons across the country says its Government Information Service.
Addressing the Association’s 20th Annual General Meeting on Monday June 29th, President of the Dominica Council on Ageing, Zetma Toussaint says the Council has a renewed focus on enhancing the lives of the elderly in Dominica.
Monday’s ceremony was hosted under the theme, “Information Technology & the Empowerment of Older Persons.”
She shared, “Some of us may recall when regular landlines became available in Dominica, how awe-inspiring that was. Today, landlines are becoming obsolete in our society with the advent of cellular phones. Older persons especially those in the age group 60-80 must position themselves to take advantage of technology to improve their communication and thus, decrease loneliness,” Toussaint said to seniors.
She says the DCOA is also advocating for the use of alert systems in homes to improve the safety of older persons and save lives.
Additionally, she noted that efforts are also being made to teach basic computer and messaging skills to interested older persons.
Toussaint called on member groups to embrace these opportunities for older persons.
“Some older persons may not be willing to participate in such programmes but many will be willing to broaden their scope if we encourage and assist them to live life to the fullest. No longer must we remain in the backdrop; we must step up and make our presence felt,” she said.
The ceremony saw the attendance of some of the nation’s eldest including one of Dominica’s Gems, Sylvia Joseph nee Casimir of Laplaine.
Ma Cece, as she is affectionately known, is now 101…was the DCOA’s guest of honor at Monday’s ceremony.
She was honored with a presentation by Dominica’s Reigning Carnival Princess, Lytleen Julien.

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