Doctors Hospital Re-Accredited by Joint Commission International

By Jessica Robertson
The Board of Directors and Executive Team at Doctors Hospital is proud to announce that the hospital has once again been Accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) following a week of intense onsite scrutiny and examination.

The Bahamas’ only private hospital became the first acute care hospital to be awarded the gold seal of approval by JCI in 2010, and has maintained the stringent standards and levels of care required to consistently pass re-examination every three years.

JCI is the international arm of the US-based Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO); the same body that certifies more than 21,000 hospitals in the United States. Fewer than 850 hospitals outside of the United States have earned the accreditation and Doctors Hospital remains one of only two acute care hospitals in the Caribbean region to be recognized for its consistent adherence to international quality standards.

A team of surveyors spent four days last month interviewing staff, physicians and hospital management on policies and procedures, examining the physical structure and reviewing patient records to ensure that in every instance, Doctors Hospital is providing quality healthcare to each patient at the standard set out by JCI.

“I’m extremely proud of our team here at Doctors Hospital following our successful review and accreditation award,” says CEO Charles Sealy, “without their consistent hard work and adherence to the standards set by JCI every day with every patients we would not be able to join this exclusive grouping of hospitals around the world.”

JCI’s methodology ensures that Doctors Hospital is providing each patient with the very highest level of healthcare possible anywhere in the world.

“It is important for Bahamians to realize that they have access to the very highest levels of healthcare without having to leave the country,” he adds, “JCI accreditation also reassures visitors who due to accident or illness end up seeking medical care that the quality they get at Doctors Hospital in the Bahamas is as good as, or better, than what they would have received at home.”

In order to constantly push accredited hospitals to even higher standards of patient care, JCI issues new and upgraded standards that Doctors Hospital is required to embrace and institute and so although the review happens just once every three years, the staff at Doctors Hospital is constantly evolving to ensure that patients are given the highest standard of care for best possible outcomes. The evaluation is both in the moment and historical, with the intention of confirming the best practice is enshrined in the operations of the institution.

Marsha Sands, Vice President of Quality and Patient Safety oversees the hospital’s adoption of new standards, consistent adherence to those standards and preparation for the triennial review process.

“We do not seek JCI approval because we have to,” she explains, “We do it because we see it as another tool to help us provide the highest quality of care that our patients expect and deserve.”

Joint Commission International works to continuously improve healthcare for the public and develops its standards in consultation with healthcare experts, providers and patients around the world with the aim to constantly understand and adopt best practices and improve quality and patient outcomes. (Bahamas Weekly)

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