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USVI reports first confirmed travel-associated case of chikungunya

ST THOMAS, USVI — Health Commissioner Darice Plaskett reported on Monday that US Virgin Islands health officials investigated the first confirmed imported case of chikungunya in a return traveler to St Thomas that was associated with a recent cruise to […]

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USVI eligible to receive increase to expand Medical Programme

Governor John de Jongh of the United States Virgin Islands has said that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have informed the USVI that it is

DOH Offers Health Advisory and Advice on Handling the Flu in USVI

A Press release from the US Department of Health (DOH) was issued to the USVI in the handling of the flu. According to the press release, influenza, commonly known


Luis Hospital is the subject of a Federal investigation as inspectors from the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services swooped down on the St. Croix facility.  According


Governor John De Jongh has opted for the more affordable Medicaid expansion route, rather than go undergo additional expense to the US Virgin Islands as the USVI expands

Expert: Schneider’s handling of waste is ‘unexceptable’

By AMANDA NORRIS ST. THOMAS - Charley Kubler, a certified hazardous materials manager, who works as a consultant for the medical waste broker Medical Waste Experts, said Schneider

Hospital given 5 days to properly store waste

 BY AMANDA NORRIS ST. THOMAS ­- The Department of Planning and Natural Resources issued a notice of compliance status on Friday to Schneider Hospital regarding the improper storage of

Health Insurance Board lapse could leave 189 retirees without supplemental insurance coverage in November

 BY JOY BLACKBURN ST. CROIX - Gov. John deJongh Jr. on Wednesday criticized the government health insurance board's "inability to make a decision necessary to ensure a seamless transition

Nation’s top credentialing agency re-accredits laboratory at Luis Hospital

 BY JOY BLACKBURN ST. CROIX - Luis Hospital announced that its laboratory has been re-accredited by the Joint Commission, the nation's top credentialing agency for hospitals. The hospital itself remains

Insurance company CIGNA levies $650,000 overpayment charge on Schneider Hospital

By Amanda Norris ST. THOMAS ­- At its bi-monthly meeting Wednesday, the Schneider Hospital board of directors discussed options for handling what some called an "overreaching" charge of

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